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Accidents, injuries or deformations in the nose caused by age can often affect the form and function of your nose. In some cases this can even affect your breathing. A rhinoplasty procedure, also known as a nose job can often correct these problems in a single procedure.

There are two different types of rhinoplasty procedures that your surgeon might recommend. Certain procedures might be better for different reasons. Your surgeon can answer any of your questions and recommend the procedure that is best for your particular needs or goals.

A closed rhinoplasty procedure has the surgeon make their incisions through the nose without any potential for external scarring. The tissues of the nose are then altered or removed and the skin settles back into the nose’s new shape.

In an open rhinoplasty procedure the surgeon makes their incisions on the exterior of the nose. This allows the surgeon to adjust the shape of the nostrils as well as the overall structure of the nose. In most cases, once healed, the surgical scar is not even noticeable.

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