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It’s important to note that warts differ from moles in a variety of ways. A mole is essentially a dermal aberration caused by genetics and certain environmental factors. However, a wart is caused by a dermal virus that causes the skin to build up in a dense collection of keratin. This is the same durable protein structure that your body uses to create your hair, toenails and fingernails. It is what makes a developing wart so much harder than the surrounding skin.

In most cases the virus will gradually be addressed by your immune system. Your body will slowly absorb and break down the dermal keratin. Unfortunately, this can sometimes take months before the wart is fully resolved. If the wart is in a visible part of your body, you might be tempted to attempt to remove it on your own. But before you do that, you should talk to a physician.

If you have a wart that you would like removed, you the wisest first step is to schedule an appointment with our plastic surgeon, Dr. Otis Allen. After assessing the severity of the wart and the general health of the surrounding skin, the doctor can help you understand your wart treatment options. This might involve excising the wart with cryotherapy, electrosurgery, or a cantharidin treatment. Afterward, the doctor will help you understand your options for preventing infection and allowing the treated area to heal quickly.

If you live in the Bloomington, Illinois, area and are concerned about a wart, you should call 309.827.3881 to set up a consultation appointment at Institute for Plastic Surgery.