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With the summer season full upon us, more-and-more people are getting out for a little fun in the sun. While a day at the beach, cookout, softball game and time at the park might seem to be all fun and games, the strength of the sun this time of year poses a constant threat.

When the sun’s rays contact unprotected human skin a myriad of reactions are triggered. This can be as benign as increased melanin, increased Vitamin D production, or even a sun potential sunburn.

While you might be encouraged and excited by the opportunity to work on your tan, you should not be remiss in ignoring the long-term threat to your skin. When UVA and UVA light damages skin cells, they can be slow to heal.

The process itself can slow, temporarily arrest, or interfere with the skin’s natural ability to exfoliate. This, in turn, can slow the rejuvenation of collagen in the deeper layers of the dermis, and even increase your chances of suffering premature wrinkles from skin aging.

It’s always best to wear a high SPF sunblock, like the one’s available at Institute for Plastic Surgery’s cosmetic surgery clinic in Bloomington, Illinois. We can help you find the right SPF for your complexion, as well as any other measures needed to preserve long-term skin health.

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