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Women entertain the concept of breast augmentation for a wide range of reasons. They could be used to bolster the natural assets provided by genetics, or to address changes in breast shape and size due to aging. At the same time many women choose breast augmentation to restore the appearance of their bust after they are done having children.
The type, shape, and fluid used in breast implants can vary based on several different factors. The type of implant Dr. Otis Allen recommends for you will be based on your personal preference, the degree of augmentation, as well as other physical factors.
Saline breast implants have been approved, by the Food and Drug Administration, for safe use in breast augmentation. The implant is filled with a sterile saline solution. If a small leak develops in the implant member it will gradually start to deflate. However, the saline will be harmlessly absorbed by your body.
Silicone implants have a reputation for feeling similar to natural breast tissue. There have been some rare instances where a leak has developed in the membrane of this type of implant. You will periodically need to return to our clinic to monitor the integrity of the implant. Should a leak develop between monitoring appointments, the implant will not immediate deflate in volume.
Dr. Otis Allen might recommend a shaped or textured breast implant to help adjust the profile of your bust line. There are a few different options that might be presented to you, based on your personal preference.
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