Breast reduction, also called reduction mammoplasty, enhances your overall appearance by making your breasts more proportional to the rest of your body.

Large, sagging breasts often interfere with normal physical activities. They can cause back pain, posture problems, deformities of the back and shoulders, skin rashes, and breast pain. For these reasons, breast reduction generally is considered a reconstructive plastic surgery procedure. In addition to alleviating physical problems, however, it improves the shape of your beasts and nipple areas as well.

Breast reduction surgery relieves the painful physical symptoms caused by large breasts.


Although various techniques are possible, a commonly performed breast reduction technique uses incisions that encircle the areola and then extend vertically down the breast and horizontally along the crease underneath the breast. Excess breast tissue and skin are removed and your nipples and areolas (the pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) are repositioned. The remaining breast tissue from above and to the sides of the nipple is brought down and together to reshape the breast.

There are other breast reduction techniques that may eliminate the horizontal incision, the vertical incision, or both. The use of any particular pattern of incisions depends on individual patient factors and Dr. Otis Allen’s expert evaluation of what will provide the best results for you.

The operation usually is performed under general anesthesia and may be done on an outpatient basis.

In some cases, lipoplasty alone, which leaves only small scars, may provide a sufficient amount of reduction.

Post-Operative Care

After surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in a gauze dressing or placed in a surgical bra. You may be instructed to wear a supportive bra for several weeks. Loss of breast or nipple sensation is possible but usually not permanent. You should avoid strenuous exercise and overhead lifting for at least a few weeks. You should be able to return to work within two weeks.

The Results

After surgery, your breasts will be more proportional to the rest of your body. The resulting scars are permanent but will fade slightly over time.

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