brunette woman smiling and looking up at the ceilingAre you tired of shaving, waxing, and tweezing to remove unwanted hair? If so, laser hair removal may be what you need! Laser hair removal uses laser energy to remove hair, and it can be effectively used on a variety of body parts, including the face, legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, and other areas. Laser hair removal is very precise, allowing us to target unwanted hair without damaging the surrounding skin. This treatment is also fast; each pulse of the laser takes only a fraction of a second and can treat many hairs at once. Small areas, like the upper lip, can be treated in less than a minute. Larger areas, like the legs or back, can take up to an hour to complete. No matter the area you are interested in treating, our plastic surgeon and his team will make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Laser hair removal is permanent; most patients experience permanent hair loss in the treated areas after an average of three to seven treatment sessions. We will repeat the treatment approximately every four to six weeks until the hair stops growing.

If you would like to learn more about laser hair removal in Bloomington, Illinois, we invite you to contact Dr. Otis Allen and our team at Institute for Plastic Surgery today. We look forward to caring for you!