Learn about ZO® Skin Health products and more!

Dr. Otis Allen is pleased to offer ZO® Skin Health products in Bloomington, Illinois, to help patients achieve their goals for their skin. As the name suggests, ZO Skin Health can allow patients to reach optimal skin health.

Dr. Zein Obagi founded ZO Skin Health, Inc. in 2007 to provide both patients and physicians with effective, innovative skin health solutions. ZO Skin Health products contain technologically advanced ingredients and efficient formulas in two categories: ZO® Medical and ZO® Skin Health. Our ZO Medical products can treat a variety of skin disorders and chronic conditions. ZO Skin Health products help maintain the results of skin care treatments and provide quality daily skincare and protection from the environment. ZO Skin Health products are truly innovative in that they provide optimal results for all skin types, ages, and genders.

During each patient’s consultation, our plastic surgeon will discuss skin health and goals in order to determine which type of ZO product is best. As each patient is different, each treatment will be individualized in order to fulfill the patient’s needs.

We invite you to contact Institute for Plastic Surgery today at 309.827.3881 to learn more about ZO Skin Health products and to set a consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve healthy, beautiful skin.