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Your hands are a critical part of your body. In today’s world, they also play an important role that extends beyond the simple function of grasping and feeling objects. The hands play a crucial role in typing, using technology and a wide range of other technical tasks.

When your hands are compromised by a physical injury or a chronic condition like Carpal tunnel, it can affect your career as well as have a negative impact on your overall quality of life.

Here at the Institute for Plastic Surgery located in Bloomington, Illinois, our surgeon Dr. Otis Allen has years of extensive training and experience helping patients dealing with hand injuries and chronic discomfort. After a comprehensive analysis to determine the cause and severity of your issues, he can help you understand your treatment options.

In a case where the patient is struggling with Carpal tunnel syndrome, the problem is often related to chronic pressure being applied to the median nerve in the wrist. Common symptoms might include chronic discomfort in the hands, tingling or numbness in the fingers as well as weakness in grip strength.

The chronic condition is often related to several contributing factors, including repetitive motions and fluid retention as well as a past injury to the hand or wrist.

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