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Exfoliation is a natural process where surface skin cells naturally replace themselves by younger more vital-looking cells that emerge from deeper dermal layers. At the same time, exfoliation stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis.

As you grow older your skin’s natural process of exfoliation. This also slows the production of collagen. In time this process of skin aging can cause fine lines, and wrinkles, while also causing your skin to increasingly sag.

Early on you might find minor improvements through healthy living and by applying retinol based skin cream. If the creams sold in stores prove insufficient Dr. Otis Allen can provide you with a prescription for one of the Retin-A skin creams available through Institute for Plastic Surgery.

If the skin on your face shows significant signs of skin aging, he might recommend performing a microdermabrasion treatment to boost exfoliation.

This treatment involves Dr. Otis Allen using a special tube lined with microscopic aluminum oxide crystals. The gentle vacuum drawn through the tube attracts surface skin cells to gently remove them from the upper dermal layer. This stimulates your skin’s natural exfoliation process. It can also help to clear pores and reduce acne

Then Dr. Otis Allen might provide you with prescription strength Retin-A skin cream to maintain exfoliation and the appearance of your skin.

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