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The last two decades have seen significant advances in liposuction technology and techniques. Liposculpture is a relatively new liposuction procedure designed to sculpt and reshape specific body parts.

Your surgeon will recommend sedation techniques based on the location and length of the procedure. Sometimes deep sedation is not required and patients will only be given a local anesthetic.

A Liposculture procedure involves the surgeon removing a small amount of fat allowing them to blend and define the shape of that body part. This takes into account the natural contours created by the underlying muscles.

During the procedure the surgeon makes a small incision. Then a thin tube called a cannula is inserted and gently worked back and forth to loosen specific fatty tissues. The surgeon then removes the loosened fat with a surgical vacuum.

The surgeon might prescribe painkillers or anti-inflammatory medication for aftercare comfort. If the procedure was performed over a large area this might also include a small drainage tube. Your recovery time will vary based on location and just how much tissue was removed.

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