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As you age, natural changes take place in throughout your body. In the hands, this can have several noticeable effects. Changes in body composition, decreased exfoliation, and collagen production can give your hands a sallow appearance. At the same time, years of unprotected sun exposure can also lead to the development of dark spots on the skin of your hands.

The hand rejuvenation treatment strategy that your cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Otis Allen, advocates will vary depending on the nature and severity of cosmetic imperfection on your hands.

Dermal filler injections, like hyaluronic acid, can help improve sallow-looking hands. This is an FDA-approved option that will give your hands the full and more plump appearance you enjoyed in your youth. It’s important to note that dermal filler injections are only a temporary solution. In time, the dermal filler will safely be absorbed by your body. This might require periodic injections.

In some cases, the dark spots can be mitigated with skin-brightening creams and stimulating exfoliation in the dermis. This might include using a skin cream with prescription grade Retin-A or receiving a microdermabrasion treatment. Large or deep dark spots might require one or more laser skin resurfacing treatments.

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