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Your skin is naturally designed to replenish old epithelial cells through the process of exfoliation. When this happens the old skin cells are shed and replaced by vigorous new cells that develop from the deeper layers of the dermis. However, as you age your skin’s ability to exfoliate naturally starts to slow. As this happens you will also experience a reduction in the skin’s collagen production.

There are several different methods that Institute for Plastic Surgery’s cosmetic surgeons advocate to improve exfoliation. If retinol and Retin-A creams have proven inadequate to the task, they might recommend that you receive a microdermabrasion treatment.

During the treatment your Institute for Plastic Surgery cosmetic surgeon uses a small glass tube lined with fine aluminum oxide crystals and a gentle amount of suction to pull skin cells from your face or hands to be exfoliated. This helps to remove aging or dead skin cells, sun spots, fine wrinkles and lines and stimulates the growth of new healthy cells in the dermis.

If you have acne issues, microdermabrasion can also help to improve skin texture while also reducing the size of your pores to help prevent future breakouts.

If you are struggling to deal with skin aging or exfoliating, then you should call Institute for Plastic Surgery’s clinic in Bloomington, Illinois at 309.827.3881 to ask about a microdermabrasion treatment. We look forward to helping restore your skin’s natural, youthful appearance!