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As you age, the features of your face can start to change. Your skin starts to lose its elasticity as your collagen production naturally starts to slow. Changes in body composition and significant weight gain or weight loss can also soften features and change the subtle shape of your face.

In a situation like this, some people will reach out to Institute for Plastic Surgery to explore their options for restoring their face’s prominent features. One effective method for addressing this is to have cheek or chin implants placed under the skin. The effect can be maximized when it’s used in conjunction with another facial rejuvenation procedure, like a facelift or an eyelift.

The implants are placed in a small pocket under the skin but above the muscle. You will need to be sedated during the procedure, so you will need to arrange to have someone drive you home after the appointment. It would also be helpful to have someone help you for a day or two while you get back on your feet.

It’s natural for there to be a little post-operative bruising and swelling. Your surgeon, Dr. Otis Allen, might prescribe some anti-inflammatory pain medication so you can take them as needed.

If you would like more prominent features, or if you’d like to rejuvenate the youthful appearance of your face, you should call Institute for Plastic Surgery at 309.827.3881 to ask about facial implants in Bloomington, Illinois.