You Should Never Attempt to Remove a Wart Yourself

Warts significantly differ from moles in a variety of ways. Moles are natural aberrations caused by changes in dermal cells and discoloration caused by hyperpigmentation. In fact, the average person has around 40 visible moles on their body. A wart is caused by a viral infection that attacks a specific area of the dermis. This… Read more »

A Nail Health Problem Might Be an Indicator of a More Significant Condition

Your toe and fingernails play an important role in the basic function and structure of your hands and feet. As the years go by the natural processes of aging can gradually start to alter the appearance of nails. At the same time, certain environmental factors and medical conditions can also change your nails in a… Read more »

Rhinoplasty Can Be Used to Improve Cosmetic and Structural Issues with Your Nose

Your nose plays a wide range of roles both in the appearance of your face as well as the functionality of your breathing. Deviations in the structure of your nasal passages can affect respiration and respiratory health. At the same time, cosmetic imperfection with the shape and symmetry of your nose can leave you feeling… Read more »

Shaped Breast Implants Can Help Change the Profile and Size of Your Bust Line

Women entertain the concept of breast augmentation for a wide range of reasons. They could be used to bolster the natural assets provided by genetics, or to address changes in breast shape and size due to aging. At the same time many women choose breast augmentation to restore the appearance of their bust after they… Read more »

Unwanted Hair in Specific Areas Can Be Addressed with a Laser Hair Removal

Your body is covered with millions of hair follicles that vary in thickness, type, and density. Sometimes hair in certain areas can be visually unappealing while also proving inconvenient for removal by shaving or waxing. Fortunately, Dr. can often address these troublesome areas by administering a laser hair removal treatment. This could be used to… Read more »


The skin demonstrates symptoms of aging in diverse ways and for diverse purposes. Some of the most typical sources are sun exposure, stress, genetics, tobacco use, dehydration and inadequate nutrition, all of which can cause a loss of collagen in the skin. For most people, there’s no one reason. Instead, it’s a combination of things…. Read more »

Liposuction Is Not a Weight Loss Program

Issues with obesity abound all across the United States. This can cause a wide range of issues with general health as well as an individual’s sense of self-esteem. Of course, the first step in dealing with a personal obesity issue is with an improved diet and exercise. Liposuction is a cosmetic treatment, meant to alter… Read more »

Unprotected Sun Exposure Can Accelerate Skin Aging

With the summer season full upon us, more-and-more people are getting out for a little fun in the sun. While a day at the beach, cookout, softball game and time at the park might seem to be all fun and games, the strength of the sun this time of year poses a constant threat. When… Read more »

An Unappealing Mole Can Often Be Removed in a Single Outpatient Session

Non-malignant moles rarely need removal for a direct medical reason. Yet, when one affects your appearance, especially if it changes with age, it can leave you feeling self-conscious. In a situation like this, you should strongly consider scheduling a mole removal consultation with Dr. at . There are a few different ways to affect an… Read more »

Sagging Breasts Can Often Be Improved with a Breast Lift

For many women, the appearance of their breasts plays a role in their self-image and self-esteem. If the natural aging process or changes in body composition after pregnancy have caused your breasts to sag, you might be interested in having a breast lift performed at . This has become a very popular way to rejuvenate… Read more »