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As you grow older changes in skin elasticity and breast tissue density can gradually cause your breasts to sag and change in shape. This can also be accentuated by changes in your body composition, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. These changes can also alter the shape, size, and location of your areola.

If you are unhappy with the profile of your breasts, you should consider scheduling a consult with the cosmetic surgery specialists at Dr. Otis Allen’s clinic in Bloomington, Illinois. One of the more effective and popular options for addressing a situation like this is to have Dr. Otis Allen perform a breast lift.

This mode of treatment involves removing a moderate amount of skin and possibly making some minor alterations to specific breast tissues. This will reduce the overall weight and size of your breasts while also serving to tighten the breasts and raise the profile of your breasts.

If you would like Dr. Otis Allen can also employ an incision strategy designed to alter your areola.

Careful preparation and quality aftercare are important for the recovery process after a breast lift. If possible, you should try to take at least a full week off from work as well as any other strenuous activities.

You will need to refrain from eating or drinking after midnight the day before the scheduled breast lift surgery. Wearing loose fitting clothes on the day of the surgery will help make it easier to move and get dressed afterward.

Dr. Otis Allen will provide you with any other necessary aftercare instructions. In some cases he might insert a small plastic drainage tube under your skin to help release any minor post-operative bleeding. Dr. Otis Allen will explain to you how to properly care for it and any necessary sutures.

If you are in the Bloomington, Illinois, area and you are contemplating a breast lift, you should call 309.827.3881 to set up a consultation with the cosmetic surgeons at Institute for Plastic Surgery.